Tobago Self-Catering Apartments & Holiday Rental Cottage


Hibiscus Heights - click to enlargeHibiscus Heights is a colonial-style home located in the Grafton area, offering a high standard in holiday accommodation and a vacation villa experience, at affordable rental rates.

Set on an old plantation ridge, commanding magnificent views of the Caribbean Sea, Hibiscus Heights is scenic but by no means secluded. Located just a stone’s throw from Grafton Beach, it is only a 2-minute walk to Pleasant Prospect, a small friendly village with all the amenities right there for you.

These three fully furnished and equipped apartments, and cozy cottage, available for rent by the new resident owners, offering visitors just the right amount of serenity ‘to unwind tight city strings’; plus ample opportunity for refreshing dips in small-island life, for communing ... just being.

The Property

Containing only the finest fabrics and hand-made furnishings, these self-catering apartments and one-bedroom cottage are far from the crowds of the lower-lying tourist districts, yet conveniently close to the generally quieter beaches found further up the scenic Caribbean coast.

Hibiscus Heights can be booked as a whole unit, or as 4 separate apartments:

Sea views - click to enlargeThis is an ideal setting, not to mention the most economical choice, for large groups who want to be close but at the end of the day still have their own space.

Crown Point Airport is a 20-minute drive away but the owners of this vacation villa in Tobago are pleased to personally meet and see off their guests or arrange car rentals for them.

Although these holiday accommodations are self-catering, staying at Hibiscus Heights, you won’t have to worry about being on your own or having no help should something go wrong. The owners live on site, and are committed to making the comfort and security of resident guests their #1 priority.